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Steve Earle – The Gringo's Tale
American singer-songwriter and performer, Steve Earle, introduces a captivating and heartfelt song titled "The Gringo's Tale". This remarkable composition, released in 2017, showcases Earle's exceptional talent and ability to craft unforgettable melodies.

"The Gringo's Tale" is a standout track from Earle's critically acclaimed album, "The Revolution Starts Now". This project, which encompasses a diverse range of musical styles and thought-provoking lyrics, solidifies Earle's reputation as a master storyteller.

As the producer of this mesmerizing song, Steve Earle demonstrates his remarkable skills in creating a rich and immersive sonic experience. The meticulous attention to detail and the seamless blending of various instruments and sounds make "The Gringo's Tale" an absolute delight for music enthusiasts.

With its infectious rhythm and poignant lyrics, "The Gringo's Tale" resonates deeply with listeners. Earle's soulful vocals effortlessly convey the emotions embedded within the song, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who hears it. This heartfelt composition explores themes of love, longing, and the complexities of human relationships, making it relatable to a wide audience.

In conclusion, "The Gringo's Tale" is a testament to Steve Earle's immense talent and creativity. This remarkable song, taken from the album "The Revolution Starts Now", serves as a testament to Earle's ability to captivate and move audiences with his music. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to listen, share, and enjoy this extraordinary piece of artistry.

Steve Earle The Gringo's Tale Lyrics:
Beggin' your pardon there stranger
You look like you're new to this town
We're a long way away from the beach here
You won't see many gringos around
Well I come from West Colorado
And I've wandered this world far and wide
I've lived for some years in the shadows
And my eyes are unused to this light
If you buy me a strong drink of whiskey
I will tell you the tale of my life
It's long and it's sad but it fits me
And it may bring a tear to your eye

All the men of my family were solidiers
The hard fightin' straight talkin' kind
When my turn came all that was over
But I'd already made up my mind
I was there when we blew though Grenada
And I still have to ask myself why
Then we took down that fool Noriega
That's where I caught the good colonel's eye
Well he asked me if I loved my country
And before I had time to reply
He regaled me with tales of past glories
I believed every one of his lies

So I left my old life behind me
Turned my back on my family and friends
And I did everything that they asked me
And I lost some sleep now and again
And I lived like a thief and assassin
I smuggled their poisons sometimes
Until I asked the wrong question in passin'

And the colonel himself dropped the dime
So if you're ever in west Colorado
Tell the folks in Durango goodbye
There's a price on my head and I can't go
So I'll just wait around here 'til I die

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